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Treating adults like children…

October 29, 2008

You may have noticed, in the wall-to-wall coverage afforded the triple-murder of singer Jennifer Hudson’s relatives, that the killings are almost universally referred to as a “tragedy“.  I’ve always understood the word “tragedy” to mean a random unfortunate happening, like getting hit by lightning, or an Ashley Judd film.  The word tragedy suggests to me something that is, by definition, the polar opposite of pre-meditated murder.

So why does everyone involved here, including the person who brutally shot and killed a 13 year old boy, get a pass?   In fact “The Insider” says “he was killed due to gunshot wounds“.  (And who knows where the bullets came from?  Perhaps from outer space!)

It’s kind of like the way nice parents treat a clumsy retarded kid when he spills his milk.  “It’s not your fault” says the nice mom.  “That mean old table is crooked!” 

And it seems Barack Obama, the man who may be our next president, is getting similar treatment.  It’s obvious that the mainstream media (so influential with older Americans) and the entertainment industry (so influential with younger Americans) are intent on treating Obama like a special child who needs to be coddled.  They refuse to submit him to “embarassing questions” about any of the these important issues: 

1.  His involvement with Acorn and fraudulent voting.

2.  The tens of millions of dollars given to his campaign from donors he won’t identify, much of it coming from overseas.

3.  His citizenship and whether or not he was born on US soil.

4.  His ties to domestic terrorist William Ayers.

5.  His ties to at least one Palestinian radical.

6.  His 20 year relationship with radical preacher Jeremiah Wright.

7.  His college transcript, which he won’t release.  His wife’s writings in college, which he won’t release.

8.  His party’s involvement in using government resources in Ohio to investigate “Joe the Plumber

Obama gets a pass on this and more, and we can assume, if he’s elected, he’ll get a pass on just about anything and everything, as well.  Because he’s a special little baby.

And a president who is unaccountable, is dangerous.  We’re not talking about some dopey celebrity dancing show here, where everyone gets a warm fuzzy when a creaky old broad goes out there and tries to “dance”.  This is the future of Western Civilization we’re talking about.  And a lot of Americans seem more interested in getting that warm fuzzy, than ensuring our nation’s future.