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Uh, pee freaks, uh welcome, I guess…

October 16, 2008

In my initial post (below), I made a passing reference (no pun intended) to urinating in a pool.  Unfortunately, according to some rather unsavory e-mails I’ve received, that reference has attracted some folks who have a “special interest” in that, uh,  activity.  Because I am new to this blogging game, I am in no position to turn away new readers, so I guess, I’ll include a link to this story, which takes place at the unlikely-named “Pewaukee High”.  Today, they’re having Mac & Cheese for lunch, YUM!  Looks like things haven’t changed all that much since I was in high school…I see sloppy joes on the menu.  Gee, I can almost taste the hair in my mouth now.

Back in high school, I thought it was great when we were allowed to go “off campus” for lunch our senior year.  I think it was the school’s way of saying “psssst…we know, the food sucks here”.  (Some of my readers’ ears just perked up when they heard “psssst”.)  Back in 1999, a Washington D.C. principal took a different approach, selling pizzas to students, and building up a $44,000 slush fund with the money he made from it.  

And since we’re on the subject of school lunches, there’s a website called, where there is an unfortunate photo of Tina Turner, who was apparently just trying to eat lunch.  I’m guessing this lunchlady place is a restaurant somewhere, exactly where, I’m not sure because it doesn’t say anyplace on this fansite.  (Apparently, they were too busy working on the web design.)  Their phone number puts them in Alameda County, west of the bay area in California.  Oh wait, I guess my snarkiness is misplaced…there’s an inspiring story behind it all.  Feh.  Oh and also, there’s an entire page of phone messages from people who “love the lunch lady” (this nation is remarkably bored), and this one is particularly sad.  Almost makes me think about quittin’ drinkin’.  Almost.

Thoughts of high school, and high school romance gave me a reason to visit the wonderful site, where I discovered this touching love note, crumpled wonderfully on notebook paper.  (Nice signature, Jonathan!)