Cheer up, whitey!



Buck up, there caucasians!  Yes, Barack Obama is going to be the leader of the free world, but we had a nice run!  And when it comes to presidential politics, we still have a comfortable 43-1 lead.   And that’s a helluva cushion.

And, might I remind you, the Boston Celtics won the NBA championship.  So these things kinda even out.

Caucasians still dominate country music, winter sports, sweater modeling, and syrup harvesting.   Who creates 98% of our nation’s clown paintings?  That’s right, caucasians.

If there were no caucasians, there would be no Mama’s Family, no Entertainment Tonight, no JAG.  Bulls would go unridden.  Yodeling halls silenced.  Peroxide, unsplashed.

Canada would disappear.  The Wheel of Fortune would spin no more.  Millions of dogs would still have their plums, because Bob Barker would never have existed.


We still have Steve Nash.  We still have Danny Bonaduce. 

So cheer up caucasians.  We’re still doing pretty good.


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