And How(e)!

I was feeding the inner prog fan today, and found this nicely rendered video (looks and sounds great) on YouTube, featuring the Yes-related band Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe.
Nice vocal performance by Jon Anderson (and recording of same)
Wakeman’s ripping piano close (and not clothes, see next)
Howe so badass, he needs TWO guitars
Anderson’s pantlegs NOT tucked into short white vinyl boots
Cartwheeling caveman thong alert
Radio edit, por favor
Fishlessness* (a “bassless” criticism)
“Long Lost Brother of Mine” excessively peppy

I remember (sorta) being at a party in 1989, and insisting on turning up their “new” video, (back when MTV played videos).  I got some razzing from the cooler dudes in the room…I think they would have preferred Elvis Costello, and in retrospect, they probably had a point.

Speaking of ABWH, I always thought this was a really pretty song.
BTW, here’s an oddity…Asia, from 2006…playing ROUNDABOUT!  (John Wetton doesn’t look thrilled.)

Lastly, as Wikipedia reminded me, the snotty (but funny) group The Dead Milkmen played a long forgotten song, “Anderson, Walkman, Buttholes And How!”.  Not a compliment.

Oh yeah, and since I just linked to the Dead Milkmen song “Punk Rock Girl”, I might as well include this link

Mojo Nixon was in my 1982 Toyota Cressida (thanks Grandma!) once.  Oh well, another story, for another day…

*Yes uber-bassist Chris Squire, aka “the Fish”, is not in ABWH.


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3 Responses to “And How(e)!”

  1. Anais Says:

    Though they were recorded before I was born, I’ve great admiration for the musical inventiveness that Yes displayed in their first five records. For that reason, I’ve investigated the band’s history and have learnt about the remarkable drive, determination, and sheer musical genius of the band’s chief architect and founder, Jon Anderson.

    So it is very sad to learn how, as the band approached its 40th anniversary, and Jon developed health problems that prevented him form touring to celebrate that anniversary, Msrs. Squire, Howe and Allen made the decision not to wait for Jon to recover from his illness but, instead, engaged a karaoke-singing-croissant to replace him on tour – all without so much as bothering to inquire about Jon’s health, much less consult with him about their plans to tour without him!

    Thus, the sheer disrespect that they have shown towards the man whose creative energy and vision has been the guiding light behind the band’s entire history, perfectly lays out the despicable manner in which Squire and Howe, in particular, put their monetary interests ahead of the band’s musical and personal integrity.

    To state it more clearly, their decision to tour without Jon is motivated by sheer greed and stupidity!


  2. Simon Says:

    Eh, Mate! (I’m gettin’ down me cockney ac’sent, gov-nuh.)

    You mention having Sir Nixon in your Cressida. The tops!

    One of me other mates drove Hunter S. Thompson from the aeroport to the UW for a lecture once, but get this: he had to score the Dr. some Bolivian before he’d appear at the lecture. True enough. Abby Hoffman and Timother Leary were there too.

    Stories? Yes, I’ve got stories.

  3. Moonster Says:

    There should be some additions to the blog like the time you witnessed “I can’t go out now I have a little chicken in the oven” which essentially ended that date and subsequent dating with good ole Shirley…..oh yeah “The bologna handshakes” never quite got off the ground with 2 songs written for that band…..the “weirdest man in the world” is still writing tunes……

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